3. Process


   5. Evaluation

   6. Conclusion



  Music Magazine  



A lot of cathedrals include in their sculptures traditional music intruments, typical in the Middle Ages.

Music in the Middle Ages is still present through groups that continue to play the music of those times with traditional instruments. These instruments have been recreated from those we can find in buildings like the Cathedral of Santiago (Porch of the Gloria) and other monuments from that times. Important festivals  of  this type of music take place in Europe: Ortigueira, Island of Man, Glasgow, etc.

 The class is going to write a Music magazine. Visit the website "Traditional music instruments" and get information about the Middle Ages instruments, after that  each two students will write an article about a group of music that uses traditional instruments. You´ll write about the group, their main songs and events where they take part

Musical instruments

1. - Find out traditional musical instruments that groups like “Luar na lubre”, “The Corrs” play, i.e. Tamboril, bag pipe, zanfona. Also state its origin and importance at the present time.

 2. - Research on the evolution of these instruments; organistrum, salterio, fídulas, etc and explain how  these groups use them.

3. - Include these findings in your articles

4. -Once each pair has its own article put all together and produce a magazine



In order to make this web quest you must perform the following activities:

 1. Each member of the team does his/her own research work, with written documents as evidence of his/her work.

 2. Put your findings together

 3.- Write your article, it can include videos.

4.- Presentation of article to the class and debate on the work presented.

5.- Make a Music magazine with all articles.



The presentation of the works will be evaluated considering the following criteria: Participation of the different team members in building up materials.

Use of information and clear illustrations.

The contents are introduced in the proper way.

Correct vocabulary and expressions.

Use of multimedia resources.

Cooperation between the members of the group.

Quality of the final product; design and creativity.

You'll be evaluated following the RUBRICA



Each student will reach his own conclusions on their own and through the collaborative work (pairs and class group).

The participation in this work ensures that all the students will gain knowledge of the medieval music, instruments and their relevance in present day.

The student must be able to apply the information and express their ideas through materials they produce and apply the knowledge acquired during the process.

Each students research contributes to improve the knowledge of other students