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Schools21C is a Strategic Partnerships for education conducted across 4 EU countries and involving a partner network of 6 institutions among which are profiles such as educational institutions, technology or communication companies, and institutions responsible for educational policy.

Our aim is to improve audiovisual and digital literacy through strategies involving a high level of educational and business innovation designed for 21st century education.

During the duration of the Project we will implement strategies of a high level of educational innovation and entrepreneurship that will improve audiovisual and digital literacy. The pilot schools will have the opportunity to experiment by working with professionals from a commercial radio station, learn to create mobile applications or produce artefacts using augmented reality

Will take part 3 Schools per cpountry in Spain will be:

CPI O Cruce –  Cerceda

Ria do Burgo – Culleredo

IES Miraflores – Oleiros

Project website