3. Process


   5. Evaluation









The Road to santiago




The route to Santiago de Compostela was one of the most important Christian pilgrimages during medieval times  and lot of people travel today by walking, by bike, and horse....for different reasons: religous,  cultural, leisure ... There are different Roads to Santiago, but the French Way, English and Portuguese Way  are the most popular. Previously people used to sleep in the cathedral; to prevent odors used a censer. Currently the censer "botafumeiro" works on special occasions, to see it work you have to go on Fridays at 7:30 to the cathedral.





1. Take a virtual tour to the  Road to  Santiago page,  make the activities and you'll achieve a better understanding of this cultural phenomenon that has taken place in the last twelve centuries.

2.. Program for your class trip to the  Road to Santiago, you will spend five days with your peers. The last day  you'll do Monte do Gozo- Santiago and'll end the day watching the botafumeiro working.

3.  Make a multimedia brochure containing the program of travel, places you will be visiting, places where you are going to spend the night and where you are going to eat. You will have to calculate travel expenses for the group of 24 students and 2 teachers. Includes information on the "botafumeiro" and other things you find of interest on the Road.



In order to make this web quest you must do the following activities:

 1. Make groups of 4 students

2. Select information and photographs that you will use in the travel brochure 

3. Produce a multimedia brochure containing all the information requested in the task.

4. Each group will present to the class the work, another group and class in general give them feedback



The evaluation  will be done acording to the following



Each student will reach their own conclusions on their own and through the collaborative work (small group and class group).

The participation in this work ensures that all the students will implement the competences we inlude in this webquest.

The student must be able to apply the information and  competences through materials they produce and apply the knowledge acquired during the process.

Each students´ teamwork contributes to improveing the knowledge of other students.